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The Muscle Meditation Method (M3)

Muscle Meditation is on a mission to empower you to become your BEST - physically and mentally! In fact, we believe one cannot happen without the other! We are confident, with our M3 method, you will achieve sustainable results!

pesonal training


M3 Personal Mobile Training 

We bring the GYM to YOU

 All sessions include:

One - hour session with a 4 minute Reiki guided fitness meditation cool down

Meal & Lifestyle coaching as needed

Private One-on-One & Small Group

Sessions available

(Create your own Accountability Group

for as low at $20 per person)

Zoom options available for private and group sessions


Call for Rates

On line training




  • 1 on 1 COACHING HELP




TOO FAR AWAY? Get all the benefits of Personal Training at your convenience!

M3 Classes

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LYFO Classes


Laugh Your Fat Off - Where fitness meets FUN! More than just a fitness class—LYFO is a celebration of joy, laughter, and holistic well-being. By combining humor with physical activity, this innovative workout experience offers a refreshing alternative to traditional fitness routines, empowering individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals while having a blast along the way. What sets this class apart is its emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner with two left feet, "Laugh Your Fat Off" welcomes adults (only) of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. We provide modifications and variations for each exercise, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable, challenged, and successful throughout the class. It's a one hour full-body workout that targets key functional fitness components such as cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. Larry and Caryn will lead you through a 5 to 8 minute dynamic stretch, and into a series of easy to follow cardio boxing and body weight exercises to engage your muscles, elevate your heart rate, and improve your overall physical fitness. You decide your pace and level of exertion! We finish with a 5 minute relaxing exclusive cool down meditation. As you leave the class, We want you to not just walk away with a great workout—we want you to carry with you a renewed sense of energy, positivity, and empowerment. You've laughed, you've sweated, and you've connected with others in a meaningful way. And as you continue on your fitness journey, you know that Larry and Caryn will always be there to uplift, inspire, and make you smile. So come join the laughter, embrace the fun, and let's laugh our way to a healthier, happier life together!

  • Jun 01, 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    Vista, 2129 Industrial Ct, Vista, CA 92081, USA
    Laugh and sweat your way into achieving your fitness goals with Muscle Meditation Fitness and our M3 live classes at Colab Public House in Vista (right off of Hwy 78 & Sycamore Ave in Vista) Your 1st class is FREE!
Your Team
Fitness Equipment

Meet your Team

Larry Lewis, Jr.

Larry has dedicated his life in the pursuit of balanced, holistic health. In this pursuit, he created Muscle Meditation Fitness and the M3 Program.


Larry has over 31 years of experience, having trained with and been mentored by professional bodybuilders, MMA fighters and other sports athletes. He became a Certified Personal Trainer, A Certified Weight Management Consultant, and Usai Reiki Master.


Larry looks forward to using these skills to help you achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle as the fit version of you. Are you ready?


Caryn Montgomery

Caryn is Muscle Meditation’s Operations Manager. She helps keep us organized! You may also have seen her in the work out videos and on our social media post! Caryn, like most of us, has been on her own fitness and weight loss journey and is excited to be a part of helping others become the best version of themselves!  She's a certified weight management consultant and lifestyle coach. She’s also a mom of two grown daughters and understands the struggle to find time for yourself but she also understands how important it is! 

You may hear us talk about being in our 50’s and that our focus is on living a healthy, active, pain free, endorphin filled life. We both feel like we’ve learned so much and that this is the perfect time to help others enjoy life and be their best selves!

Come join us at one of our events. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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