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M3 Personal Mobile Training for Vista & North County 

We bring the GYM to YOU

 All personal training sessions include:

One - hour session with a 5 minute guided fitness meditation cool down

Health & Wellness coaching included

Small Personal Training Group

Sessions available

(Create your own Accountability Group

for as low at $20 per person)

Zoom options available for private and group sessions


Call for Rates



$40 per session
30 MINUTES Cardio Kickboxing
No experience necessary!
1 to 3 people 




  • How Does Mobile Personal Training Work? 

  • I am currently serving the Vista & Surrounding North County area. I can meet you at your work, your home, your complex's gym or even a local park at a convenient time for you! 

  • I bring all of the equipment & I can also show you how to effectively use any equipment you already have! 

  • Who is right for Mobile Personal Training?

  • It really works for all types of people! Busy Executives who travel and have trouble finding time for the gym. People who feel intimidated by the gym. People who can't travel to the gym for various reasons. Call us and let's discuss what your challenges are and if  Mobile Personal Training may be right for you.

What does a Personal Training Session look like? 

  • Not to be funny, but it's "personal" and different for everyone. It's based on your fitness level, your past experience with fitness, your goals, your comfort level with discomfort. My main priority is that you continue, you don't get injured and you stay motivated. A thorough warm up is mandatory, I will often include Cardio Kick Boxing for cardio and we have a library of meditations to help get you in the right mindset. At 54 and 59 years old our ideas around fitness have also evolved and matured.

But aren't Personal Trainers are too expensive?

  • I'm going to ask if you can afford not to? Healthcare cost are skyrocketing. Anything you do for yourself now will pay dividends in the future! Also, I understand that life is busy, I don't charge you for missed sessions, unlike your gym membership when you don't show up. Plus for most of us it's about accountability. I promise that you and your health are worth it! Consider putting a small group of 2 to 5 family members, friends or co-workers together to make it more affordable and to keep each other accountable! 

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