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Meet your Team

Larry Lewis, Jr.

Larry has dedicated his life in the pursuit of balanced, holistic health. In this pursuit, he created Muscle Meditation Fitness and started his Mobile Personal Training business serving Vista and North County.


At 54, Larry has over 31 years of experience, having trained with and been mentored by professional bodybuilders, MMA fighters and other sports athletes. He became a Certified Personal Trainer, A Certified Weight Management Consultant, and Usai Reiki Master.


Larry looks forward to using these skills to help you achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle as the fit version of you. Are you ready?


Caryn Montgomery

Caryn is Muscle Meditation’s Operations Manager. She helps keep us organized! You may also have seen her in the work out videos and on our social media post! Caryn, like most of us, has been on her own fitness and weight loss journey and is excited to be a part of helping others become the best version of themselves!  She's a certified weight management consultant. She’s also a mom of two grown daughters and understands the struggle to find time for yourself but she also understands how important it is! 

You may hear us talk about being in our 50’s and that our focus is on living a healthy, active, pain free, endorphin filled life. We both feel like we’ve learned so much and that this is the perfect time to help others enjoy life and be their best selves!

Come join us at one of our events. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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